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Yep, I'm on Fiverr now! Check out my page for more info! I've got my first gig up!…
Yup, I found a free software that's WAAAAAY better than Camstudio, called OBS (Open Broadcaster Software), which is awesome!! I already recorded a video of my Swirly Pink drawing here:

Follow my Youtube channel for more (I'll occasionally post here too)!…
Yep, I just got my friends' contact info from school, because I won't be seeing them there anymore! I actually feel really liberated. I hate everyone's mindset there, both students and teachers, with the exception of a few golden individuals. They don't care about art (despite it being the ART Institute (worst school ever)) they just care about money, and how their drawing "skills" could earn it. No one cares about your drawings there because they just assume you're doing an assignment, instead of exercising creativity for fun.

None of the art teachers really knew how to draw, only the Life Drawing teacher did. The most "highly regarded" animation teacher there gets absolutely SHOWERED with praise from the students for how he draws, but it's just a bootleg Disney style with big-assed females. It's sad, because the people there who were actually creative felt really lost, myself included until recently. The curriculum offered very little aid in developing drawing skills. I had to take Editing Techniques (a film class), Camera Techniques (A FILM CLASS), and I was in Animation! What a waste of time and money.

Maybe this is why cartoons are getting worse and worse (some are ok). Creative students have no place in modern art schools, but the ones who suck at drawing and follow the rules do, so they graduate and continue to POISON cartoon channels with their half-baked art and animation. 

I feel really bad that I haven't made much progress with PinkCherryPrincess on our comic because of school, but now that I dropped out, I'll have much more time to put towards it!
Do you? I still play it :D  It's fun every time I get better at making characters with it xD
I'm sorry for the abrupt decision to leave. I've changed my mind and decided to stay.

Earlier today, my grandparents yelled at me for various reasons, my drawing computer abruptly got a virus that says my bank passwords might have been stolen, and I went through extreme frustration with my inabilty to draw my requests as good as I think they should be.

My emotions can be chaotic when days like this happen, and I usually only punish myself as a result, so just ignore me if I threaten to leave again. Miraculously, I discovered a style of my own that is awesome, fast, and something I can feel happy sticking to (I made 6 decent drawi ngs in 3 hours).

I'll do the requests I accepted, but, like I said, I have other priorites.
I know I just accepted a bunch of requests, but I'm deleting my account. Right now, I'm living in my grandparents' house, without a job and failing college. Deviantart is a wonderful site, but right now, it's a distraction and source of frustration for me. I need to get a job like a normal person and get my life together

Rest assured, I'll never stop drawing, but I can't afford to stress about posting drawings I don't even like while I should be practicing my fundamental art skills, so I can make art that I can feel good about. If I ever open another account, I'll say on my profile that I used to be Other-Zone, for anyone who cares.

If, for whatever reason, you guys actually see something in my art,  I'll leave my account open, but won't post anymore. I'll answer any comments I get in the next few days or so, but after that, I'm gone.
Yes, I'm doing requests again! This time, I'll set up slots so I don't get more work than I can handle D: PLEASE don't ask me to draw your OC, this is for fan art only!

Working on requests for:
1. SonicAndHildaFan11
2. UnicronWars
3. crshh

Ask me to draw whatever character from any series! You can also request me to draw whatever unique twist/fusion of characters you want! Ask me to draw them in whatever situation you want, too! (SFW, please)

You can just leave your requests in the comments :D
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I uploaded the first part of a video recording my drawing process on a drawing I'm currently making :3

Check it out here :D…
Hey, just wanted to say I learned how to record on my computer, so I'll be uploading videos of my drawing process to Youtube :D  Also, my comic with PinkCherryPrincess is also in the works, so look forward to it! :D

I'll post a link to my Youtube channel once I have a video up :3
Duuuuuude!! You've gotta try it! I fit perfectly in my closet, so I fill it with blankets and pillows and fall asleep in comfortable bliss :3
Seriously, my grandparents (whom I live with) wake up early and watch tv really loud, so sleeping in my closet (with solid wood doors) blocks out that noise, and also extra light so I can stay asleep :D

It's sooooo comfy!!!!!
Recently, x-CherryHime-x and I have decided to collaborate on a comic series together! She will be the main artist of the series, while I provide artistic support and plan the story. She's a really amazing artist! Check her stuff out here:

All I'll reveal at this point is that it's going to be a somewhat halloween-themed, manga-ish comic with plenty of action and humor :3

Don't know if anyone's interested, but if anyone wants to draw a character from any of my drawings, feel free to do so! However, remember that I claim ownership of my characters, so if you chose to do so, please credit me in the description. 

I'm really interested in all the potential styles my characters could be drawn in, so this could be a learning experience for both of us :D
Hey guys! I've opened up a Zazzle store! I sell t-shirts, phone cases, stickers, etc... all with drawings from my gallery on them! You can check out my store right here:

Don't bother with the description, just ask me about the price instead lol
Doing the Raffle! :D

Hey! My friend IleanaEmerald is doing a free art raffle! Click the link to find out more!